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Make yourself and your precious little life inside you blossom together with Hananingen Maternity. In addition to the arrangement on your head, we dress you with extra flowers. Let us capture one of the most magical times in both of your lives.
We photograph upper and full body in this package. We recommend the photos to be taken in the late pregnancy, with your beautiful round belly. Please book when you are feeling well and the pregnancy is stable.


How long it takes


Extra options

You can pay by cash or bank transfer if you decide to purchase more images after your photoshoot.

How it works (Read me)
FAQ [Book]

You can check availability and make a booking on our booking page.

You can choose one flower you like. Everything else (arrangement, photoshoot) is left to the creativity of our professional staff.Make up is also available for extra $35.
Anyone who is 7 years or older. A child under 7 years old can have Hananingen with his/her parent. A child under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to have Hananingen.

Of course.

Please check our booking page for availability. You can book online up to 24 hours prior.
You can book HANANINGEN Pair and be photographed with your friend.
HANANINGEN Original aims to enhance your natural beauty by arranging flowers on you. Compared to HANANINGEN Art, the arrangement is simpler and makeup is more natural. HANANINGEN Art has different designs and styles. You will be amazed to see what we create.
You and another person will come in together and have arrangements done and photos were taken individually and together. You will receive a total of 3 images, one individual image per person and another image of both of you together. More images are available for purchase.
You can cancel or change your booking if you are unwell or unable to come in. Cancellation and booking change policy and fees apply. Please contact puppeteerflower@gmail.com to cancel or change your booking.
FAQ [On the day]
You don’t need to bring anything. Please bring your own makeup kit if you have sensitive skin, concerned or prefer to redo the makeup to go home. We provide makeup remover.
Please arrive 5 minutes before your booking time.
You can pay online using your credit card. If you decide to purchase more images after the photoshoot, please pay by cash or bank transfer.
They can only join you when you are choosing images.
We have a black tube top for you to change into. Otherwise you can bring your own outfit.

Street parking is available.

If you prefer not to have makeup done by us, please arrive with your makeup on.

We will set your hair to suit the arrangement.

If you choose to have makeup done by us in our studio, Yes, please. We provide makeup by our professional artist.

Yes, of course.

Please refer to each package for details. All packages will take at least 90 mins. You may take longer than you think to choose and decide on the image you like after the photoshoot. We recommend you to allow extra time.

FAQ [Photograph/data]

We will ask you to log in to our gallery after the photoshoot and you can download from there.

Yes. We have some great packages. You can decide after the photoshoot.

We can do some natural retouching of the pigmentation, spots or lines. If you want to blossom, please listen to your heart and leave your small skin imperfections to our professional hands.

FAQ [Cancellation / Other]

We sacrifice the life of flowers to prepare for your visit. Please plan your visit carefully and try not to change or cancel where possible.
Cancellation/date change fees as below will apply if you cancel/change the booking within 5 days of your booked date.
Cancelled/changed between 3-5 days prior – 50% of the package fee
Cancelled/changed between 1-2 days prior- 80% of the package fee
Cancelled/changed on the day- 100% of the package fee

Please call us when you are running late. If you are more than 20 mins late, we cannot guarantee the service on the same day.

Please send us email: puppeteerflower@gmail.com
if you would like to pre-book your photo session.